Basic Operator Trainee, Rodeo Refinery


The Basic Operator Trainee will work independently and with other personnel to safely maintain and operate equipment and processes in Refining or Midstream business units. Some of the processes involved use hazardous and volatile materials under high temperature and pressure. Typical working conditions include: outside weather and elements, blowing air, heat, noise, vibration and occasionally working from heights and confined spaces. Operators must follow safe work practices including the regular wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In addition, Operators perform various duties required to keep their assigned processing unit/area operating safely and at specified production rates.
Responsibilities may include :
Demonstrating awareness and commitment to safety
Maintaining equipment and operations
Taking samples/readings of various process streams
Operating unit consoles
Monitoring and observing assigned area for abnormal conditions and emergency situations
Working with outside contractors and agencies
Participating in safety reviews, audits, and exercising safe work practices.
Initiating work orders and permitting for work related to the assigned unit.
Maintaining proper and safe process operations of the operating equipment
Serving on the emergency response fire brigade, rescue team, and/or first responder team
Participating in annual refresher training
Upholding company values, understanding and implementing all relevant company policies and procedures to ensure all work meets required and established standards.
Basic/Required :
Legally authorized to work in the job posting country
High School Diploma or GED equivalent
Must have valid driver s license
Must be willing and able to regularly be on-call and work a rotating shift schedule, including but not limited to days, nights, weekends, and holidays
Must be willing and able to work overtime
Must be at least 18 years of age
Must be willing and able to read technical procedures and materials in English
Must be willing and able to learn computer software associated with process operations
Must qualify or possess a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC).
Must be willing and able to work in enclosed spaces such as tanks and silos
Must be willing and able to work near large, hot, high speed machines
Must be willing and able to work near products that are under high pressure and heat
Must be willing and able to work around chemicals, including acids and bases
Must be willing and able to wear fire retardant clothing and personal protective equipment (such as steel-toe shoes, ear and eye protection)
Must be willing and able to maintain your face daily so that a respirator/face mask can seal properly (some examples include being free of facial hair and/or clean shaven)
Must be willing and able to climb up to 200 feet in height
Must be willing and able to lift up to 50 pounds
Must be willing and able to perform fire fighting duties
Must be willing and able to work outside in harsh weather conditions
Preferred :
1+ years of direct experience working as a process operator in a refinery, chemical, power, nuclear, wastewater treatment, or other manufacturing industry.
Associates Degree or higher in Process Technology from an accredited school or significant related experience Military certifications that are process operations related
Record of formal emergency response training within the last 24 months
Microsoft proficiency in Word, Excel and Outlook.
Previous SAP experience
Must be adaptable with the ability to effectively influence change
Must possess strong communications, analytical and problem-solving skills
Must be team oriented and self-motivated
Must have the ability to effectively interact with all organizational levels and value diversity
At Phillips 66, while "what" we do may be very different from person to person, there's a "how" that connects all of us. It is how we work, how we collaborate and how we succeed together. It's this shared "how" that our competency framework describes in detail. We call it the Keys to Success because it can unlock the potential within us all.
Keys to Success
Contr: Adaptability Adapt And Learn From Experience
Contr: Building Collaborative Relationships Foster Relationships
Contr: Judgment Demonstrate Sound Judgment
Contr: Results Orientation Optimize Work Performance
The San Francisco Refinery is comprised of two facilities linked by a 200-mile pipeline. The Rodeo facility is located in the San Francisco Bay area, while the Santa Maria facility is located in Arroyo Grande, CA. The refinery's crude oil processing capacity is 120 MBD. The refinery processes mainly heavy, high-sulfur crude oil.

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